The Show

Fall in love with humanity, one stranger at a time. That is the driving force behind The Stunner. Each episode features a character, real or fictional, and the values they represent. With a lighthearted and introspective tone, the show lingers in the listener's ears long after the player stops.


Those who join the podcast understand that they aren't here to share their know-how or newsworthy stories; but rather to investigate their passions and proclivities. They are not afraid to sound "too deep", "too nerdy", or "too weird".


Interview. Averaging 30 minutes, but can go beyond an hour if merited. Guests are invited to talk about a topic of interest.

Minicast. Less than 15 minutes. The host reflects on a work of fiction or poetry. Consider this form a first cousin to the literary review. Minicast transcripts are available on

New episodes are uploaded on Tuesdays 12MN PST.

The podcast prides itself in its consistency, structure, and editing. Both guest and audience are regarded with utmost respect during the different production stages.

The Host

Razel Estrella studied Literature in college, then worked in the print and digital media industries for more than ten years. In 2018 she became an independent consultant, and has since focused on her creative ambitions, which include writing her first poetry collection and running a literary arts podcast. At heart she is a compulsive diarist, an impulse she satisfies in her long-running blog,

The Audience

It's no surprise that The Stunner attracts thoughtful listeners with a taste for introspection, most of whom are also drawn to the arts. They may have different personalities, but they have a common interest in the human psyche.

Get in Touch

For whatever reason. Want to know more about the show? Request a media kit? Be a guest? A collaborator? Send an email to The Stunner at and let's make something memorable happen.

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