I, too, hate people. Over the years, however, I've acknowledged that life is all about our fellow passengers to the grave. They may be a kind stranger, an intriguing figure in the hallway, your ex-best friend. For readers like me, they are also the characters that feel too real in a made-up story. In this podcast, I'd like to talk about them and to them in hopes of enriching our worlds, if not have a good laugh to lighten the day.

—Razel Estrella, creator of The Stunner

Born in 2020, a time of lockdowns and community quarantines, The Stunner is producer and host Razel Estrella's way of socializing while social distancing.

One may say, however, that the show's conception happened a couple of years back, when Razel was working in the media, finding the most excitement in creating profiles. Granted, it's not without its frustrations. Writing for lifestyle publications means writing with strict, if constricting demands, often trading insight for attention-grabbing headlines. Yet the rewards can be remarkable, and often go unpublished: meeting people you wouldn't have otherwise met and, if you're paying attention, learning that people aren't that bad, after all.

This impetus is now directed into the podcast. The new medium comes with a new set of freedoms and limitations. Here's hoping that you'll stick around for the journey ahead.

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