Nicole Laurel Asensio & The Song Inspired by Social Media

Photo courtesy of Nicole Laurel Asensio

Maybe I'm being idealistic... but I really feel like if you do it genuinely enough, the message will cut through. But of course I understand that in the industry there's importance in being understood and being relatable. And that's where I ask my friends for help.

—Nicole Laurel Asensio on uncommercial songs

With us is an amazing female voice, literally and figuratively: singer-songwriter Nicole Laurel Asensio. I don't like putting myself so much in these interviews, but I'm particularly excited to speak with Nicole because we're fellow Literature majors. She will talk a little bit about it, as well as loads of other things, such as being self-managed, pinning down her music genre, and thriving (or not) during the pandemic. She will also tell us how she uses social media to her advantage, from being a vital business tool to a source of inspiration for her latest single, Love Me or Don't.


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