Jamie Rubio & Fangirling

Jamie Rubio

A fan is someone who gets her energy from the artist she loves... being a fan makes her see things brighter.

—Jamie Rubio, voice actor

Jamie Rubio is a dubber, translator, host, and voice actor, which are all very cool; but what's really cool is that she has achieved her fangirl dreams. In 2016 she met her favorite band, A1 and has since kept in touch with the boys.

Fist meeting with A1 (2016).

From Jamie's POV as a host. The band during their 2018 press con in Manila.

At the 2018 concert in Kia Theatre.

With her favorite A1 member, Paul Marazzi.

Jamie is also a big K-drama fan. What's it like to be up close and personal with your idols? What else is there to dream of? Listen to our chat below to find out. Warning: There will be lots of gushing.

(All photos courtesy of Jamie Rubio.)


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