Ren Alcantara & The Games He Plays

Photo courtesy of Ren Alcantara
Games, particularly board games have made me see things as a series of interconnected systems with different moving parts.

—Ren Alcantara, tech journalist and gamer

I'm well-aware that games, especially now and especially video games are designed to be addictive. And I have actually deleted all the gaming apps on my phone because once I open them, there's no closing it. Now here comes Random Levels, a gaming podcast that seems to bring back all the things I loved about, well, games — problem-solving, making friends, forgetting about the world while learning about it at the same time.

The show is hosted by a group of four friends and in each episode they select a topic and discuss how it's represented in video and board games. At first I thought I'd feel intimadated because of the level of my gaming knowledge. But instead it felt like I was eavesdropping on a really fun and information conversation.

In this episode I'm thrilled to have Ren Alcantara, a tech journalist and one of the hosts of Random Levels. Here's here to tell us a bit about the podcast and a lot about his thoughts on gaming.


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