Donna Santiago & The Southies

Photo courtesy of Donna Santiago
We really make it a point to make our posts, or to make our updates as positive as possible. Positive, meaning not sugarcoating stuff, but how does it benefit my community? Always answering that question, 'If I post this, will it benefit Southies, will it benefit my community?'

—Donna Santiago, co-founder of South Snippets

Joining me in this episode is Donna Santiago, co-founder of South Snippets, which is an online community that serves residents and businesses in South Metro Manila, as well as in the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. South Snippets provides news, traffic, weather, and event updates to residents; while they offer digital marketing and social media management services to various companies or brands through Snippets Digital, Co.

Donna is here to tell us more about the community, what makes it so special that she is now dedicating her life to it.

Among the questions we tried to answer: Why are the south folk so obsessed with identifying themselves as from the South?


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