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Judith & Appearance

After reading the prologue of Maestra , a novel by LS Hilton, I thought that the story would be about this supreme dominatrix. And I must admit I got a tiny bit titillated. Now sex is a huge part of the novel and Hilton doesn't spare us the gory details. It actually reminds me of Garth Greenwell, who, in an interview said that one his goals was to quote, "[write] a scene that was, at once, one hundred percent pornographic and one hundred percent high art", unquote. I think Hilton did it in Maestra . I'm not sure about one hundred percent on both accounts but I got, like I said titillated by the sex scenes and the novel also has depth to it. The main character is Judith, she is from London. What's interesting about her and her portrayal is that we don't get a description of her. This is a good test of physical stereotypes. She's from an England, so naturally I imagine her as being white. She loves and is extremely knowledgeable about fashion. So she wea

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